The Generations Cancer Foundation (GCF) was formed in 1999. Founded by Amy Venturi, the Foundation is a 501c3 governed by a Board of Directors with a volunteer committee of more than 70 individuals.


GCF has given over 1 million dollars to cancer research in our 13 years. GCF is 100 percent volunteer and incurs no overhead or administrative expenses, which allows us to give more to our given cause.


The Generations Cancer Foundation’s mission is to raise awareness and funds for cancer research while involving all generations in philanthropic work for the future of our community.


  • Encourage Denver’s population to get involved in local cancer fundraising by joining Generations Cancer Foundation
  • Educate peers about the effects of the disease and the methods of prevention
  • Increase local and national level corporations’ participation via sponsorship and donations
  • Donate 100% of ticket sales or registrations to a local cancer research organization every year
  • Increase yearly attendance at event by 20%


The Generation’s Cancer Foundation, a 100 percent volunteer organization, boasts a committee of 70+ individuals. Each member is personally dedicated to the prevention and research of cancer. Some have stories of their own triumph, some have family member who are battling the disease, and sadly, some have lost friends or family to the disease. Others just want to do their part to try and conquer this illness. Each member personally contributes his or her time to this event. We have 14 separate committees, which meet monthly, but most arrangements and updates are done via email. More information on joining a committee.


We’ve raised over $1,000,000 for cancer research by promoting fun, exciting, and colorful events such as Sushi, Saké Sumo, Jacks, Kings and Queens and, our newest event, Step Up for Cancer. These events would not be possible without our sponsors, silent auction donors, and attendees - and we need your help!

In 2009, GCF joined together with dozens of other non-profit organizations in the fight against cancer at the inaugural Step Up for Cancer event. Step Up For Cancer is an awareness, fundraising, and educational stair-climbing event focused on uniting different generations in support of the fight against cancer. Step Up For Cancer’s goal is to provide participating non-profit cancer organizations of any size with as much support – financially and otherwise – as humanly possible.

Each year, we choose a beneficiary to receive our donation. In the past we have given to AMC Cancer Research Center, the University of Colorado Clinical Cancer Care Program, the University of Colorado Foundation, National Jewish, and the University of Colorado Cancer Center. We focus exclusively on research and funds are specifically earmarked to help find a cure for cancer.

GCF donates 100% of ticket sales and 100% of silent auction proceeds from each event.


Generations Cancer Foundation, host and founding nonprofit organization of Step Up for Cancer, is best known for it's blowout annual event, Sushi, Sake & Sumo. SS&S brings together the younger generation for one amazing night of fun where all proceeds go to cancer research. In the past, SS&S has raised thousands of dollars for cancer research. Details about the next SS&S coming soon!


If you would like to speak to the organizations we have supported or past and current sponsors, we would be happy to provide you with their contact information. Please contact us


Federal Tax ID: #31-1741530
Colorado Charitable Solicitations: # 20023005347
Donations, both cash and in-kind, made to Generations Cancer Foundation are fully tax-deductible. Please check with your accountant. Ticket purchases for the event are not tax deductible, as the fair market value of goods and services received is greater than the price of the ticket. 100 percent of ticket sales are directed to the annually designated beneficiary.